Monday, August 11, 2008

Java run-time monitoring, Part 3

Part 3 is not really about monitoring Java itself, but rather how to monitor other resources using Java, plus how to manage and visualize collected data. There are several examples I would have liked to put in the article, but with the PDF version running at 73 pages, it got a bit too long.

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Kirk Brocas said...

Just stumbled across your article Nicholas on developerWorks. Part 3 is EXACTLY what I have been looking for and trying to work out how to do myself.

Working for a tiny database managed services outfit with $0 budget and trying to implement some sort of universal performance and availability monitoring system for Oracle on *nix and Windows, and SQL Server; I have been pulling my hair out. Partly because I'm a DBA rather than a developer. Anyway, Your article has me VERY excited about Helios - I'd like to implement it tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm going to hack together something with Groovy. Please feel free to throw anything my way you want tested.

Kirk Brocas